pronounced swee-nee *wink*(you’re welcome)

I’ve had years of experience in corporate environments where I was exposed to advertising, logo and packaging design and technical data-based design, followed by the recent transition to creative industries where I paint, design and illustrate. Chalk and cheese, right? Yes. But that means that I am a very well-rounded designer that can bring some of the edge from each faculty to balance out your design.


I’m a bit of a chameleon and can switch style from super-corporate to wild and creative to suit whatever you need.


I really do believe a small investment in your professional image not only speaks volumes to your customers and followers, it also provides you with a sense of pride and purpose knowing that you are being taken seriously.


Get a fresh new design to uplift your writing and keep your readers engaged and excited. I create completely custom eBooks with hand drawn illustrations for creatives, health and wellness professionals, bloggers, writers and coaches of all kinds.


I can draw just about anything in almost any visual style to create book covers, illustrations, vector artwork and creative collaborations like tarot cards and prints. I offer good old fashioned pencil to paper illustration with digital finishing or full-blown digital creations


Build a business identity you can be proud of. I can create unique logo suites, digital marketing, stationery, packaging and websites to boost your brand, and your confidence.


I work hand in hand with fashion designers and manufacturers to transform an idea to a printed, wearable reality. No more copycats, create a one-of-a-kind fabric print to set your label apart from all of your competitors.